Posted on May 12, 2016

Youth Mentorship Program

MLA Rod Loyola next to a white board teaching youth about gender binaries

Our office is excited to have launched our Youth Mentorship Program, a program which is focused on building young community leaders. The program currently has 9 participants, boys and girls all coming from diverse backgrounds. The aim is to teach these youth about how they can become more actively involved in the fight against domestic violence. The White Ribbon campaign, which is a global movement composed of girls and boys has worked in partnership with our office to teach youth about the value of having healthy relationships, gender equity and a more empathetic and flexible defenition of masculinty.

"In the last ten years, over 103,343 women and 108,955 children were turned away by women’s shelters across Alberta. Over 80% were from Edmonton and Calgary alone; mainly because their shelters were full." Alberta Council of Women's Shelters Fact Sheet. August 2013. 

Additionally we would like to give a special thanks to Sanam Islam for doing a story in the Metro on our program. For access to the full story, click here

If this program is something of interest to yourself or someone you might know, please contact our office for more details.